About the forum

2nd International Forum of Leading Aerospace Universities is focused at a wide circle of audience, including representatives of business and society, specialists and experts, suppliers and manufacturers in the space and aviation industry and also representatives of the relevant structural organizations in radioelectronics, navigation, medicine, communications, consulting in the aerospace industry.

Tasks of the forum:

  • Discussion of challenges inhibiting aviation and space industries, because of the economy globalization. Presentation of the ambitious projects, implementation of which requires global integration of scientific, production and financial potentials of countries – technological leaders;
  • Discussion of the technological development directions, which could lead up to the qualitative leap in the aviation and cosmonautics development. Presentation of the foresights;
  • Exchange of experience in education innovative approaches, aimed to solve tasks of academic community in training for aviation and space industries.

Goals of the forum:

  • development of international cooperation in the aerospace universities in the field of research and international educational programs;
  • identification of the universities’ key role in the effective solution of scientific and personnel problems facing the aerospace industry;
  • professional elaboration of recommendations for the reforming of aerospace education in accordance with modern level of the science and technology development and advanced educational technologies;
  • development of scientific and engineering personnel university training, ensuring the creation and the use of aerospace technology for scientific and industrial circles and business;
  • creation of conditions for increasing academic mobility of scientific and pedagogical staff of aerospace universities.